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errandofmercy's Journal

Errandofmercy is 24 years old, a "good" Slytherin, a college grad and a rabid, slavering fangirl;

I write fanfiction, cosplay, and try to incorporate fandom into my Muggle life any way I can - crafting, cooking, decorating, and parenting among other things. I care for my partner's 3 kids, who (thank God) have all been successfully indoctrinated into fandom as well. I dearly love my LJ friends and I am a convention-goer as much as my Time-Turner and Gringott's vault permit.

I am a devoted lover of fic, cosplay, conventions, and all things Snape. Especially Snape/Dumbledore, though no one else seems to care much for it ;) [if you do, hit me up- I will bake you sketchy SS/AD cookies for your trouble.]

My fanfiction can be found in my journal, as well as on fanfiction.net and AO3. My handle is the same everywhere.

If you see something you like, please feel free to add me and message me for an add back. I am shy but I warm fairly easily ;)